Midnight In The Pentagram

By Brian Keene, Catherine Cavendish, Graham Masterton, James Newman, Jason Parent, Kenneth W. Cain, Michael Patrick Hicks, Stephanie Ellis, Tim Meyer, Todd Keisling, Tony Tremblay


  • Format Paperback
  • Publisher Silver Shamrock Publishing
  • Publish Date October 12, 2020
  • ISBN-10 1951043146
  • ISBN-13 978-1951043148

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As the clock’s pendulum steadily counts down towards the midnight hour, the growing scent of brimstone hangs heavy in the air. The universal symbol of all that is evil, the pentagram, or the inverted pentacle, has been carved in the hardwood floor. Its shape is often described as the goat of lust attacking the Heavens with its horns during the witches’ sabbat. Five obsidian candles flicker as the incantations begin. Who will be summoned during this unholy evening? Will it be Baphomet? Or Belial? Maybe even Lucifer himself? The roof timbers groan. Stressed plaster drops to the floor. The demon approaches, holding its ancient grimoire filled with evil stories, written in blood…and here they are.