Shallow Waters Vol.5 – A Flash Fiction Anthology

By Anthony D. Redden, Bryan Miller, Christine Lajewski, Dave Jeffery, David Bernard, Esteban Vargas, Guy Medley, James Dorr, Jason Parent, Jennifer K. Carstens, John Boden, Kevin David Anderson, Kris Kinsella, L.F. Falconer, Linsey Knerl, Mark Allan Gunnells, Michael Patrick Hicks, Michelle Mellon, Pedro Iniguez, Rand Eastwood, Richard Gavin, Sheldon Woodbury


  • Format Kindle Edition
  • Publisher Crystal Lake Publishing
  • Publish Date April 15, 2020

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Shallow Waters – where the unearthed and the unearthly intertwine, beckoning readers to discover the unknown.

With 23 tales that navigate the eerie crossroads of horror, dark fiction, and the forbidden shadows of life and death, Shallow Waters Vol. 5 invites readers to explore the macabre mysteries that lurk beneath the surface of reality.

Shallow Waters stands as the monthly flash fiction contest of award-winning Crystal Lake Entertainment, a destination where authors submit their most chilling tales, and the finest are featured on Crystal Lake’s Patreon page for patrons to vote. These anthologies encapsulate not just the winning tales but the most thrilling finalists. Find more volumes and participate in future challenges with Crystal Lake Entertainment on Patreon.

Volume Five is a harrowing journey through horror on the road, enigmatic graveyards, karma’s relentless pursuit, the scars of war, and the sinister shades of Halloween.

These horror stories will give you a glimpse into a realm where humanity intersects with the supernatural, where everyday landscapes hide sinister secrets, and the shadows whisper stories of the unknown.

In This Volume…

  • Traverse through mixed realms where the contents of a travel bag have their own life.
  • Encounter ancient Navajo legends arising in the deserts of New Mexico, revealing the true cruelty of Man.
  • Delve into the lives of a cemetery caretaker with a secret gift, and a dead body harboring the hopes of a second chance.
  • Experience the struggle of a seasoned soldier in the war of love, making the most of his final battle, and much more.

Immerse yourself in the enigma, embrace the unknown, and unlock the doors to the forbidden with Shallow Waters Vol.5.

Proudly brought to you by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.