Midnight From Beyond the Stars

By Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Gabino Iglesias, James Newman, Jason Parent, Lee Murray, Ronald Kelly, Samantha Kolesnik, Tim Curran


  • Format Paperback
  • Publisher Silver Shamrock Publishing
  • Publish Date September 26, 2021
  • ISBN-10 1951043405
  • ISBN-13 978-1951043407

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There’s life out there… and it’s coming for you!It starts as a mild rattling of the windows disturbing your pleasant dreams. Then the trees outside your bedroom rustle from a mysterious celestial wind. When the neighborhood dogs erupt in a cacophony of terrified barking, you’re jerked from your peaceful slumber. Through bleary eyes you look at the display on the nightstand. Midnight. A roar cracks the obsidian night sky as a ball of blinding light streaks out of the heavens, crashing with an earthshaking explosion on the other side of the hill. Racing to the open window, you smell the electric scent of charred ozone in the night air. The pulsing glow in the distance mesmerizes your senses. There’s something pulling you from its rhythmic humming. Something too enticing to resist. Something’s out there, and it has a story to tell. Lots of stories. You slip on your shoes and make your way for the door…