By Jason Parent


  • Format Paperback
  • Publisher Independently published
  • Publish Date October 23, 2023
  • ISBN-13 979-8864282151

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In the shadowed corners of Victoria’s mind, Chester the spider spins webs of ambition and control, challenging the very essence of a young girl’s identity.

At sixteen, Victoria Menard is no stranger to adversity. An orphaned thief with a past shrouded in mystery, her only companion is Chester, a chattering spider residing within her mind. Together, they’ve journeyed across continents, mastering languages and leaving chaos in their wake. But as Victoria yearns for freedom, she finds herself ensnared in Chester’s far-reaching web.

As tensions rise, the boundaries between host and parasite blur. With Chester’s grand schemes threatening to consume her, Victoria faces an agonizing dilemma: how does one evict an intruder that knows no boundaries?

Victoria is a riveting exploration of identity and power, set in the haunting world of What Hides Within

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